Welcome to our comprehensive bread knife reviews. Almost every kitchen around the globe owns a high quality best bread knife tool or even minimum some kind of best-serrated bread knife which can easily cut through artisan and crusty bread.


If you do not have the best knife for slicing bread then honestly we do not understand how you could slice your bread, except if you purchase it pre-sliced?

Among the great functions of the cutlery bread knife models are that those remain razor-sharp for much longer, did you observed each time you hold up your best bread knife it’s often sharp? It is to because of serrated type blade and exactly how this has been designed; obviously it will not remain razor-sharp for long time and compared to common kitchen knives that you can usually sharpen yourself on house the serrated knife blade actually requires to be provided to an expert for a great sharpening. However, if you need to handle sharpening yourself browse our bread knife reviews to discover how you could sharpen serrated kitchen knife at the house.

There are three fundamental kinds of best bread knives; a ceramic kitchen bread knife, a conventional serrated kitchen knife, and also the latest Amazon bread knife. Every one of those are good picks, however, your option will be based on your preference and budget – to us the champion all the time is often the simple conventional best bread knife model for the home chefs which bake many loads of crusty bread every single day.

Well, if you searching to buy your initial best knife for slicing bread or perhaps if you simply searching to replace or upgrade an existing kitchen knife continue reading our bread knife reviews to support you select the best bread knife in the world. You can click on respective buttons to find out the bread knife kitchen prices.



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Shun DM0705 Classic 9-Inch Bread Knife

Brand: Shun

Rating: 5

Price: $$$

Size (Inches): 16.8 by 3.2 by 1-Inch

Weight (Ounces): 11.4

Material: Wood Handle

Blade Type: Serrated Edge

Special Feature: Sturdy D-shaped Comfortable Pakkawood Handle


Global G-9 - 8-3/4 inch, 22cm Bread Knife

Brand: Global

Rating: 4.80

Price: $$

Size (Inches): 10.9 by 14.7 by 3.5-Inch

Weight (Ounces): 9.4

Material: Stainless Steel

Blade Type: Serrated Edge

Special Feature: Blade Created Of High-end Vanadium/Molybdenum Stainless Steel


Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Bread Knife

Brand: Wüsthof

Rating: 4.70

Price: $$

Size (Inches): 1.9 by 16.8 by 4.1-Inch

Weight (Ounces): 2.4

Material: Stainless Steel

Blade Type: Serrated Edge

Special Feature: Dishwasher safe


Victorinox 10-1/4-Inch Wavy Edge Bread Knife

Brand: Victorinox

Rating: 4.80

Price: $$

Size (Inches): 1.5 by 17 by 3.75-Inch

Weight (Ounces): 3.2

Material: Stainless Steel

Blade Type: Serrated Edge

Special Feature: Classic, Beautiful Rosewood Handle



  • In fact, a commercial bread knife could be used on the kitchen area for a variety of prepping works as well as this does not need to be utilized just for slicing bread.
  • Try utilizing your top bread knives next moment you need to slice thin portions of fresh tomatoes, the unique serrated blade of the knife turn slicing tomatoes a piece of cake.
  • Do not own a carving kitchen knife? Just not to fear the top bread knife sums an ideal alternative for digging your delicious turkey at Christmas or Thanksgiving.
  • Own fresh fruit with smooth skin, opt for utilizing your bread knife kitchen knives you will be amazed how this turns fast task or even the hardest fruits.
  • Have you actually make use of your bread cutting knife for some other kitchen preparation works? post a comment thought on the completion of this bread knife reviews.


Did you ever sense annoyed whilst you are unable to cut the bread gently? If you shake your head, is this due to bread cutting knife? You are unable to cut the bread gently, perhaps your knife is just not sharpened. Whilst you are attempting to prepare a breakfast meal for your boyfriend or girlfriend, however, you cannot turn the surface portion of the crusty bread present greatly, your meals still do not seem beautiful enough. f you need to prepare foods smartly, select properly on your next best bread knife. Hence, here are our top three best bread knife reviews which you can come across on Amazon.


We like Victorinox company, let us point out that once again in the event you lost it, we like Victorinox knives as well as we have suggested those on almost all assessments we have published.

It is a fundamental best bread knife for crusty bread, however, do not make that trick you, this gets the task finished effortlessly. This bread knife is quite a bit bulky and this provides sufficient rigidity in order to create straight slices on the crust of bread. As well as along with moderate flexibility which provides you with more than enough balance.

In case you are just utilizing your best bread knife to handle your house roast the slim tapered, sharp cutting blade of this Victorinox knife is long enough to cut via a huge roast along with a single effortless stroke.

Anyone searching for an inexpensive top bread knife which is of top quality then search no more – you have discovered it!

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For whoever along with an extra bit to invest who is searching for a best bread kitchen knife which will long last a decade this specific Wusthof serrated classic top bread knife usually is a good option.

The body construction of the Wusthof knife will make an impression on; it is a well-designed bread knife which also appears good, is properly balanced plus has sufficient weight in order to cut the crusty bread as well as large turkeys. It is also one of the best bread knife for artisan bread.

It is a good kitchen knife model for all beginner cooks and experts. Nevertheless, anybody with little hands might discover this best bread knife somewhat uncomfortable to have a solid grip. This is our second recommended bread knife reviews pick.

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Another amazing affordable best knife for slicing bread this might sense somewhat affordable to the user, however, it does not slack in terms of slicing via bread.

Due to its mini dimension, this is always a good knife for slicing finest thin pieces of tomatoes.

All the OXO Good Grip products have the sturdy, adaptable non-slip knife handles along with providing comfortable grip even on moist hands.

This does not matter what dimension hands you possess anybody can receive a comfortable solid grip using this best-serrated bread knife because of the force sucking rubber processed knife handles (that have truly been designed through the similar material like dishwasher kitchen gaskets).

Excellent affordable bread knife!

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Regardless of what kind of feeling you possess upon the kitchen area you often own a cutlery bread knife readily available. Nevertheless, if you do not buy or make loafs of crusty bread, your kitchen knife might not make full use. Do not allow your knife to go unutilized, these best serrated bread knife models also function well on chocolate, melons, and cake.

This post reviewed the best bread knife reviews based on durability, performance, and sharpness.

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